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Here you will find everything you need to know.

  • 1 - How can I register with the Online Store?

    To register at the online store, you only need to access the “Create Account” menu in the upper right corner and fill in the requested information. From then on, your registration is active.
  • 2 - What are the advantages of having a registration in the Online Store?

    - See your shipping details;
    - Review your orders statement;
    - Easily download your order invoice;
    - Keep a list of your favorite products to purchase later on;
    - Consultation of your vouchers and vouchers;
    - Manage notifications and cookies.
  • 3 - I forgot my password. what should i do?

    When we have many accounts online it is normal to forget the password we use on each of them. To retrieve your password, log in (icon on the top right) and click on the "Forgot password?" option. Enter your email address, click on "submit". You will receive an email with a link and instructions to change your password.
  • 4 - I would like to delete my customer account. What do I need to do?

    If you really want to delete it, enter your Customer Area and you can delete it yourself.
    If you have any doubts you can contact us through our Client Support service so we can help you.
  • 1 - How can I confirm my order has been placed correctly?

    You can easily confirm that you have placed your order correctly:
    • After the payment process has been successfully completed, you will be redirected to a confirmation page where we provide you with an order number.
    • After a few minutes, you will receive a confirmation email in your inbox with all your order details.
    • The payment is processed straight away, so you will be able to see the charge on your bank statement, PayPal account or MBWay app.

    If you are unable to confirm all of these, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries on this regard through your customer account and we will confirm the status of your order with you.

  • 2 - How can I check the status of my order?

    To check the status of your order, you can access your customer account under Orders. On the day your order is shipped from our premises, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • 3 - Is it possible to modify an order once it has already been placed?

    No, it is not possible to proceed with any modifications once the order has been successfully placed. Our processing and shipping procedures are truly short so that we can ensure we deliver our products as fast as possible.
  • 4 - Can i change the delivery or billing address of an order?

    If the product has not yet been sent by us, please contact us by email at to make the change internally. If you notice that you have to change the delivery address with the order already on the way, you can make the change directly with the carrier. Simply access the link that is sent with the tracking number and inform them of new delivery address or alternatively ask the courier to deliver the order to a pick up point closer to you.
  • 5 - Is it possible to cancel a paid order?

    No. In this case, you must make a return through your customer area, up to 30 days after receiving the order. After that, you should wait for a refund of the value of the item purchased. For further information, please contact the Online Department.
  • 6 - Can I place an order on the phone?

    No, it is not possible to place an order through our phone helpline. We are unable to keep any records of confidential payment details due to legal restrictions on data storage. All orders must be placed on our online store, or at one of our physical stores.
  • 7 - Where can I get the invoice for my order?

    After your order is fully billed, you can access your customer area and download the respective invoice.
  • 8 - Can I use taxfree when shopping online?

    No, it is not possible.
  • 9- How do I apply a promo code?

    When finishing your purchase, you'll have a field to fill in with promo codes. When you click apply, you'll see that the discount will be applied in your purchase final price.
  • 1 - What methods are available for payment of orders

    The methods available for payment are: ATM, MB Way, Credit Card and Paypal.
  • 2- Is it safe to buy at Força Portugal?

    Yes, Força Portugal's website makes a commitment to you by protecting your personal data based on encrypted data transmission via a secure HTTP. Furthermore, we do not store your credit card or PayPal account data. This way, we only have access to information provided by the payment method you used, with or without confirmation of payment.
  • 3- What currency can i make my payment in?

    All orders are placed in Euro (EUR) and payment is processed in this currency. Please note that if your bank account is in a different currency, the exchange rate used to debit your account will be determined automatically by your Bank/PayPal and not by Força Portugal.
  • 4 - I cannot pay for my order, how do I proceed?

    If the payment method is Credit Card, make sure that you have 3DS active (a security measure that can be activated with your bank, where a code is sent via SMS to validate a payment). If you are unable to pay by any other method, please contact the Online Department.
  • 5 - Is it possible to pay in cash or in physical store?

    No, it is only after payment of the order that it is shipped and delivered.
  • 1- What delivery methods are available?

    In Portugal you can choose home delivery or delivery in Pick Up DHL Points.
  • 2- What are the shipping costs for an order?

    Shipping costs depend on several considerations: destination country, the price of the product, and the type of shipping services. To find out more, please visit the 'Shipping' section available on the website footer.
  • 3- How long does it take to deliver my order?

    Delivery times vary confirm the region (mainland Portugal and islands) and according to the country, you can consult all information here. We warn that the delivery times always depend on the availability of the products. The values presented correspond to average data achieved under normal circumstances. In periods of special campaigns these periods can be exceeded. Contact us for information about the delivery date of your order.
  • 4- How can I track my order?

    After the order is shipped, we will communicate the tracking number (shipping number associated with the shipment). With the tracking number, you can follow in real time the status of your order through the footer of our website under Tracking Orders or through the respective carriers' websites.
  • 5- Could the estimated delivery date be affected if I place an order during special periods such as Christmas, Sales, Black Friday or other dates?

    We work as fast as possible so that your orders arrive on time. Nonetheless, deliveries could be affected when orders are placed within extraordinary dates such as Christmas, Black Friday, sales season or special promotions, due to the high volume of orders received. We recommend that during these special dates you place your orders ahead of time so that you make sure that your product arrives fast!

    We will always do our best to inform you when plausible delays may be affecting our deliveries. This would be due to extraordinary dates or special circumstances unconnected to Força Portugal Store which could influence our delivery periods (weather conditions, strikes, customs and clearance of goods, etc.).
  • 6- Can i change the delivery address of an order?

    If the product has not yet been sent by us, please contact us by email at to make the change internally. If you notice that you have to change the delivery address with the order already on the way, you can make the change directly with the carrier. Simply access the link that is sent with the tracking number and inform them of new delivery address or alternatively ask the courier to deliver the order to a pick up point closer to you.
  • 1- How can I return a product?

    To return and / or change the size of a product you must access your customer area and fill out the form. There you can choose the refund, which will be made by the same payment method, by changing the size or by issuing a voucher. In the latter case, you can use the return amount for a future purchase.
  • 2 - How can I exchange a product?

    To proceed with the exchange of a product purchased with us for another size or model involves the return of the product, and placing a new order. We will always proceed with the refund of the product as long as it is in perfect conditions when it reaches our premises (shipping costs are excluded). We will proceed with the refund through the same payment method used for your purchase. For more details please access our 'Returns' page.
  • 3- How many days do I have to proceed with a return?

    You have 30 days (since the day you receive your order at your delivery address) to request a return or inform us of any incidence on your order. After those 30 days it is not possible to return a product. You can find more details on our 'Returns' page and Purchase Conditions.
  • 4- Are shipping costs for the return of a product paid by the customer? Can I choose the courier service?

    Shipping costs for the return of a product are always paid and arranged by the customer. For this reason, you have complete flexibility to choose the courier company and service that fits your circumstances best. It is not necessary to send the product(s) using an express service. The choice will depend ultimately on the customer. Please check our 'Returns' page to find out more on how to return a product correctly.
  • 5- How and when will I receive the refund corresponding to the product returned?

    Refunds are administered through the same payment method used to make your purchase. Generally, refunds become available a few days after you receive the refund invoice on your inbox. Your refund will appear available on your bank or PayPal statement sometime after we request them and you receive our refund receipt confirmation. This depends ultimately on your bank or on PayPal.
  • 6- What could be the reasons for the rejection of a product?

    Please consult our Returns page to find out how to return a product. The main reasons why a return may be rejected are the following:
    - The product has been returned after 30 days since the date when it was received at the destination address;
    - The product has not been shipped inside a security box and the product has been damaged;
    - The product is not in perfect conditions, exactly as it was dispatched;
    - The product is a personalized product, so we can’t accept the return.
  • 7- I got the wrong item and/or with a defect. Do I have to pay to return it?

    In case the swap/return of an item is caused by a Força Portugal's expedition error, the client should contact our Customer Support service so we can proceed to schedule the recollection of the item, assuming all the costs of your swap/devolution and new shipping.
  • 8- How do I make a complaint about an already used item?

    To make a complaint about an already used item you should contact our Customer Support service so we can proceed to process resolution. If the original brand accepts the complaint, the item will be replaced by a new one, if they don't accept, the previous item will be returned to you.
  • 9- Can I make a complaint or a return in a Força Portugal store?

    You will only be able to return it at our Força Portugal do Porto store (Rua de Santa Catarina, 223) since it functions as our place for sending orders and receiving returns. In this case you should fill in your account form on the website normally and instead of using a carrier, you can personally return the products in store.
  • 1- Are the products sold at your store original?

    Yes, all our products are 100% original. We work directly with the manufacturing brands or the official representants.
  • 2- Can the color of the product I receive vary slightly in relation to the photos on the product page?

    Solid quality criteria apply to all our creative procedures. Once you receive the product at home, you could however note light tone variations in the color of your product. Any possible tone variations depend largely on the monitor or device on which you visualize the product page. We cannot control for these conditions, but we advise you to try and visualize the product in more than one device if you have any doubts regarding a product, its color, material or appearance.
  • 3- an I find any differences on sizes between different brands? And between different models by the same brand?

    Yes, you can find some size differences between brands. You can even see that the same brand can stock models which differ slightly in size. If a specific model fits in a particular manner, we try to include this information on the product page. If you have any other specific questions about how a model fits, please get in contact with our Customer Service Department and we will do our best to provide you with some advice.
  • 4- When I add a product to the shopping cart, is the item reserved for me to purchase?

    No, products added to the cart are never reserved for an upcoming purchase under your personal customer account.